Couples, 1996

MarkusKPetra Langhammer

Antonio Rafael Balzano, Tone E. Ch. Johansen, 1996, C-Print, 220 x 145 cm

In the Couples series my interest turned to the way in which people in a relationship, real life couples and often once again a mixture of nationals and newcomers, interact whilst being photographed. Continuing to use a monochrome background and eliminating all shadows, I removed the full scale figures from any particular setting or place and emphasized the space between them as much as the idiosyncracies of their attire and grooming. The life size scale of the photographs brings the viewer close to the actual experience of the photographic event and brings the physical experience of the subjects into the exhibition space.

Knut ÅsdamCamilleNorment

Knut Åsdam, Camille Norment, 1996, C-Print, 220 x 145 cm


Eline Mugaas, John Minh Nguyen, 1996, C-Print, 220 x 145 cm

CarolSChristian Nguyen

Carol Shadford, Christian Noel Nguyen, 1996, C-Print, 220 x 145 cm